Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Sloan Kettering UN-update

Shell of the radiolarian aulastrum triceros

I got a message yesterday from my GYN with an update. Dr. Sabbatini at Sloan Kettering is still going over my case with the tumor panel, it has been about 3 weeks. No decisions have been made yet. I've been getting on with my summer and having some great experiences, but there is a teeny-tiny part of me that would like closure on this topic. I think it is telling that experts are taking a long time to make recommendations on my case, maybe they don't know how to proceed, either. I knew I was in for something unusual when the specialist at Johns Hopkins didn't really know what to do and shrugged his shoulders.

What do I think? Well, if I listen to my body I hear that the cancer is long gone, thank you very much, and I feel good. I'm even trying inversions in my yoga practice and some exciting breakthroughs are happening. My body is actually thanking me, it doesn't have to expend all that energy on dealing with the severe endometriosis and freakin' cancer. Energy suddenly has a free path to flow through my whole body, not stop and make bypasses along the way. My yoga practices have been so joyous and freeing lately, it makes me realize how dysfunctional my body had become.

Once I hear from my GYN with the verdict from Sloan Kettering, thus begins another onslaught of doctor visits. I have to then meet with my GYN/oncologist as well as my own physician. I'm hoping with all my heart that chemo and radiation are not recommended by anyone.