Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Max, the star of "A Cairn and a sandwich"

I've started going through pictures and videos of Max. I got a new digital camera in early 2005 which took little videos, too, so as I go back in time to 2005, there is Max running around, smiling, sniffing, clear-eyed, and responsive. I'd forgotten that about him as he became a senior. He also has much more black fur around his face. Aging or not, he remained a sweetheart, and as I said in the previous entry, he had opinions. This little dog would crack us up, he made his opinions very clear! I found this series of photos that just make me laugh out loud, Max is sweet and hilarious at the same time. These were taken on a lovely afternoon picnic by the Potomac River, April 17, 2005. And yes, he did get some of the sandwich!

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